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Reporter Cai Houxuan / full report

▲ The Japanese team upset and defeated Germany. (Image / Summary from Japan Team Twitter)

The German team, who have won 4 World Cups in the past, played their first match of the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on the evening of the 23rd. The group stage could come under heavy pressure. After the match, Ilkay Gundogan, who he scored the only goal for the German side, and Manuel Neuer, the captain and goalkeeper, directly criticized their teammates for not being challenging enough.

In the 23rd and 33rd minute of the first half, the Germans relied on Gundogan’s 12-yard free throw to break through the net and score the first point. Unexpectedly, the Japanese blew the horn in the second half. the ball was announced to be inverted and the German team was inverted 2:1 in the end.

“We made it too easy for the Japanese team to attack, especially their second ball, which shouldn’t have happened at all, and we’re still playing the World Cup!” Gundogan said Neuer’s parade was effectively over. block many crises, but the team failed to seize the opportunity to expand the lead. “Our backcourt defense didn’t play well and the backcourt didn’t take the initiative to pass the ball into the frontcourt, forcing us to continue to grow. Passing, you feel that not everyone wants to have the ball and that can easily take us out of the game.”

Like the captain, Neuer said frankly after the game that losing this historic defeat made him very frustrated and angry: “They should be avoidable. In the second half, we completely lost the pace of the match. So full of confidence, the World Cup it’s just started, we’ve already felt the pressure, we’ve really screwed up, of course there’s a lot of chances, but we don’t even have the determination to score the second goal, we’re the ones who won the Mandala victory over Japan.”

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