Qatar corruption case, joint investigation with EU countries for over a year = Belgian Ministry of Justice | Reuters

A spokesman for the Belgian Justice Ministry, where the European Union (EU) is based, said on the 14th that the national security agency under the ministry was sentenced to one year for a Qatar-related corruption scandal during the World Cup. who was able to uncover the truth by narrowing down suspicions through close cooperation with the intelligence agencies of other European countries. FILE PHOTO: BRUSSELS, December 14, 2022. REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The Belgian justice ministry spokesman said on Thursday that the EU ministry was investigating a corruption scandal linked to Qatar during the World Cup. The National Security Agency has been working closely with the intelligence agencies of other European countries for more than a year, able to discover the truth by narrowing the field of suspects.

Belgian investigative authorities arrested four people, including former European Parliament vice president Eva Kairi, on 9. Prosecutors believe Qatar paid the four men money and other items to secretly influence EU policy decisions.

Belgian police said they found a total of 1.5 million euros in cash during a 9 to 12-day house search and posted on social media a photo of a suitcase and two briefcases filled with large amounts of euro banknotes. large. In addition, Italian investigators searched seven bank accounts linked to the suspects and found €20,000 in the house where a suspect lived, sources said.

A person familiar with the matter said it was expected to be announced on Tuesday whether Kairi would remain in custody pending an investigation. Both he and Qatar have denied any wrongdoing.

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