Pyramids faces Racing Club in the return leg of the Confederation

The first football team of the Pyramids Club will play, at 6 pm today, Sunday, an important confrontation against Racing Club Abidjan, in the second leg of the 32nd supplementary round of the Championship African Confederation, Where the heavenly team came close to qualifying for the group stage after it beat the Ivorian team with a score of 0/2 in the first leg that brought them together in Cote d’Ivoire, to put Pyramids forward to the next round of the tournament and is waiting for the matter to be decided in today’s match.

Game management was assigned Pyramids Racing Club For a team of arbitration from SudanHe is led by referee Sabri Muhammad Fadil as referee of the arena, and he is assisted by Ahmed Naji Sabahi, the first assistant, and Moez Ali Muhammad as a second assistant referee, and the fourth honest referee Muhammad, and the match is watched by Somali Haji Yabaru, and the medical observer for Covid 19, Dr. Muhammad Sultan from Egypt

For his part, Argentine coach Aruabarina stressed on the players the need not to rely on the result of the first-leg match, and work to achieve a big victory over the Racing Club to ensure qualification, and that no surprises occur from the visiting team that may cause the balance to upset, and the Argentine Khawaja warned of the Racing Club uprising, taking advantage of The weather improved than the atmosphere in Cote d’Ivoire, with the improvement of the air defense stadium from the first leg, which will cause an improvement in their performance.

The Pyramids team recovered the efforts of the Uruguayan striker Diego Roland, before confronting the Racing Club, where the player missed the Pyramids trip to Cote d’Ivoire due to his symptoms of a severe cold, and then underwent an additional medical examination to ensure that he was not infected with the Corona virus, and the result was negative, despite this preferred Pyramids Not accompanying the player on the trip.

Ahmed El Shennawy, the goalkeeper of the team, was also similar to the recovery from Corona virus, which the player had been exposed to in the recent period and led to his exclusion from facing the Vanguards of the Army in the League, which ended with the victory of Pyramids with a goal without a response, and the player was also excluded from the Abidjan trip to face Racing Club, and El Shennawi returned to the collective training of his team After a complete recovery from the Corona virus, especially since the guard had previously been infected with the virus more than once.



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