PX8 007, headphones that pay homage to James Bond

If there is an icon of class and knowing how to be in the world of cinema, that is none other than the character created by Ian FlemingBond James Bond. This icon of the seventh art has gone down in cinema history as an example of elegance on the screen. In the world of cinematography, no one has represented the union between elegance and efficiency so well. Secret agent 007 is able to combine both concepts without wrinkling his tuxedo. It doesn’t matter who our favorite actor is for the role, the mission will be accomplished and always with his style and his class.

There are some concepts that seem destined to meet one way or another. So it seems logical the union of Bowers & Wilkins with James Bond. They created headphones that are a tribute to the secret agent and we were able to test them without having to be in His Majesty’s service.

The James Bond character is synonymous with class and elegance

This is the PX8 007 edition of James Bond headphones

Capitalizing on the 60th anniversary of the secret agent’s creation, Bower & Wilkins has created a special edition of its PX8 headphones, this time called PX8 007 edition.

For starters, her colored skin stands out Night blue, referring to the first tuxedo Sean Connery wore on screen as James Bond. 60 years later, Dr. No would also delight in similar and exclusive finishes.

About the headphones that we can find the discreet 007 logo and inside them is a silk-screen like the one that always started the films of the best-known British secret service agent. This parallelism is intended to indicate to us that in the same way that after that peephole the movies began, now all our enjoyment of listening will also begin.

james bond earphones
The PX8 007 headphones feature screen-printed James Bond logo details

James Bond style design, but also quality

The PX8 007 edition is an homage to any movie buff, yet an essential device for any lover of sound. Its transducers are able to reproduce sounds with spectacular definition. The immersion in our favorite music is total thanks to two factors, the fidelity with which they are able to reproduce all the sound edges of the music and the isolation caused by
Noise cancellation
so that nothing disturbs us while we enjoy the sound. Six microphones work to recognize our surroundings and offer really effective noise cancellation. Only with our music and no one else.

james bond earphones
They have a powerful noise cancellation system and spectacular sound reproduction

They are very ergonomic and offer an autonomy of 30 hours

It is very probable that a character as important in the saga as Q recommended the use of these headphones to James Bond himself. Carrying the full weight of a tribute of this magnitude on our heads will not make us secret agents, but it will not make us tired either, since its ergonomics are very comfortable and we can wear them as long as we want.

Its autonomy offers us a high-performance sound for 30 hours on a single charge. In the same way that 007 asked for his Dry Martini mixed, not shaken, the PX8 007 edition gives us a sound cure, not altered. A tribute like that could only be done by a brand named Wilkins, Bowers & Wilkins, of course.

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