PVC: Botafogo fans should be the vast majority against América-MG at Arena Independência

the crowd of Botafogo should be the vast majority at Arena Independência this Saturday, in front of the America-MGfur Brazilian championship, according to the “PVC Blog”. The forecast, at this moment, is that around 4,000 black-and-whites will be present against 2,400 Coelho fans.

On Thursday, Botafogo fans sold out in a few minutes the load of 2 thousand tickets intended for visitors initially. This Friday, América-MG put a new load on sale for the alvinegros (Cadeira Minas, behind the goal), with 1,200 tickets, still available in this link.

Trying to avoid an “invasion” of Botafogo fans, América-MG inflated the prices for visitors (R$ 100 for the whole), but promoted their fans: Coelho supporters can withdraw two tickets each and even buy more two tickets with 80% discount.

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