Puzzle game “Hatsune Miku Logic Painting S” recently launched on Switch | XFastest News

The Japanese company Crypton Future Media announced through its official Twitter that the puzzle game “Hatsune Miku Logic Paint” for Android and iOS platforms will be launched on the Nintendo Switch platform.


The Switch version of “Hatsune Miku Logic Drawing” has been renamed “Hatsune Miku Logic Drawing S”. The content has increased compared to the original version. The game will be released soon.

The gameplay of “Hatsune Miku Logic Painting” is similar to “Puzzle Cube”. The pixels are marked according to the numbers given in the horizontal and vertical directions, and finally a picture is formed. The Android and iOS versions of “Hatsune Miku Logic Painting” contain a total of 225 levels with three different levels of difficulty, with a total of more than 150 pictures. It is expected that the Switch version will add more levels and pictures.


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