Putin’s elite troops have failed in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the airborne forces of the Russian Federation have suffered several serious tactical failures.

This was announced on Twitter by the British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence data.

Airborne failures include an attempt to attack Kyiv at Gostomel Airport in March, the Izyum offensive, which has stalled since April, and the recent failed crossing of the Seversky Donets River, which cost Russian troops dearly.

“Russia uses airborne forces to carry out some of the most difficult operations. The 45,000-strong airborne forces are made up mostly of professional soldiers who have elite status and receive additional pay. However, airborne forces have been used for missions that are more suitable for heavy armored infantry, and suffered heavy losses during the war, notes British intelligence.

Their mixed nature is likely to be reflected in the poor governance of these units and Russia’s inability to secure air superiority.

According to British intelligence, the abuse of airborne forces in Ukraine shows how Putin’s huge investments in the armed forces over the past 15 years have left the army unbalanced.

“The failure was to anticipate the Ukrainian resistance and the subsequent complacency of the Russian commanders. “These things have led to significant casualties for many of Russia’s most elite parts,” the analysis said.

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