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Putin is convinced that “the United States has established power in Armenia.”

Russian State Duma deputy from Putin’s party “United Russia” Yevgeny Fedorov threatened Armenia aggression. He claimed that this “state illegally withdrew from the USSR”.

Russian propagandists write about this.

Fedorov said the current government in Armenia was “established by the United States”, and without Russia this state presumably “will not survive”. Putin’s deputy is also convinced that Armenia “illegally withdrew from the USSR, and this must be fixed by law.”

“The Armenian authorities were installed by the United States in the process of the Orange Revolution, like in Kiev. At the same time, Armenia is a country that is at an impasse. Without Russia, its survival is impossible. How to act “According to the law. Did Armenia leave the USSR legally? No. This means that this needs to be resolved. Armenia is an illegal state formation,” Putin’s deputy said.

CSTO meeting in Armenia

Armenia hosts a meeting of the CSTO. A fire broke out in Yerevan the day before demonstrations against the CSTO summit. The protest was organized by activists and supporters of the pro-Western opposition alliance. They protested against the arrival of Putin, Lukashenko and Lavrov in Armenia.

At the meeting Pashinyan refused to sign the final document of the CSTO summit due to the lack of a political assessment of Azerbaijan’s “aggression”.

Putin’s “diplomat”. Lavrov also disgraced himself at the topcursing during a joint photo shoot.

On the eve of Russian propagandists, after the failure of their army in Ukraine and the collapse of plans to “take Kiev in two days” began to discuss a new the victim of the aggression is Kazakhstan.

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