Putin’s blood gas analysis. Activists have positioned a model of a pipeline on the Vltava River in Prague

A thirty-meter floating model of the yellow pipeline floats on the Vltava near the Charles Bridge with a view to Prague Castle, where the meetings of the statesmen will take place.

In addition to moving away from fossil fuels, ecologists are also promoting energy saving, after all energy and the elimination of dependence on Russia, which after the attack on Ukraine turned its mineral resources into a means of blackmail, will be one of the key themes of the summit.

Russia also collects a lot from fossil fuels, with the profits it can use to finance its invasion of Ukraine.

“The Russian aggression in Ukraine has shown how Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels is driving millions of people into energy poverty, financing the war and aggravating the climate crisis. At the same time, the current situation shows that the European Union must solving the security, climate and energy crisis at the same time, “said Greenpeace energy campaign coordinator Miriam Macurová in response to the protest.

Why is electricity expensive? Gas, weak core in France, connectivity


According to ecologists, “replacing one gas pipe with another” is not enough, but it is necessary to focus on renewable sources and savings, to motivate the public to save energy through the insulation of buildings, the installation of solar panels or heating. pumps.

At the same time, Greenpeace demands that the excessive profits of energy companies from trading in black coal, oil and gas be taxed at 100 percent, so that “the fossil business does not profit from the energy crisis”.

So far, the EU has agreed on a ceiling on electricity prices and is trying to secure the supply of missing Russian gas from other countries.

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