Putin said that the media should fulfill the state order, and not “poke around in the dirty linen of the elites.”

“We need more information about the real life of the country, not some sort of picking in the dirty linen of some elites, but more information about the real life of the country, about those people who create its future, achieve outstanding results. examples that speak about the development of the country and the people who are seeking it. What is called a state order, it is definitely necessary and can be provided in a modern way, “the President of the Russian Federation assured.

Putin stressed that in information policy “one should not overdo it with instructions.”


Putin’s statement came after online edition “Important Stories” On September 14, an investigation was published on the connection between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Svetlana Polyakova. The partners and relatives of this woman hold key positions in the ministry, and her family has assets worth more than 1 billion rubles. ($ 13.8 million), journalists said.

After this publication, the team of opposition leader Alexei Navalny conducted its own investigation, which says that Polyakova and her family are using houses and planes of Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska.

Last December, Putin at a meeting with members of the Human Rights Council statedthat “some out of the ordinary content ” on television it is necessary to limit. “These scenes of violence … I rarely watch, to be honest, TV, I just do not have enough time, but sometimes, if it comes across, it takes a shock,” he said.



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