Putin: Neo-Nazis in Ukraine commit crimes against civilians – World

AT Ladimir Putin accused “neo-Nazis in Ukraine” of committing crimes against civilians, France Press reported.

The Russian leader was speaking on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, using rhetoric he regularly uses to justify his military offensive in the neighboring country.

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“Forgetting the lessons of history leads to the repetition of terrible tragedies. This is evidenced by the crimes against civilians, ethnic cleansing, punitive actions organized by neo-Nazis in Ukraine,” Putin said in a telegram to the organizers and participants of today’s events, quoted by AFP and TASS. commemorative events.

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The barbaric plans of the Nazis were thwarted first of all by the Soviet people, who defended the freedom and independence of their homeland, saved the Jewish and other peoples from total destruction and enslavement, the President of Russia emphasized.

He recalled that it was the Red Army that liberated the concentration camp inmates from “Auschwitz-Birkenau” 78 years ago.

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