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Putin Laughs at NATO’s Indecision on Ukraine’s Admission to the North Atlantic Alliance – Former Russian Diplomat Reveals Kremlin’s Perspective

Vladimir Putin laughs at NATO’s indecision regarding the admission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Alliance. Boris Bondarev, a former Russian diplomat in Geneva, who resigned in May 2022 “in protest against the full-scale invasion of Ukraine,” said this in an interview with the American magazine Newsweek, published today, July 14.

According to a dissident who emigrated to Europe, NATO’s refusal to invite Ukraine or set a clear time frame for Ukraine to join the military bloc would be seen as a victory for the Kremlin.

In Moscow, Bondarev shared his thoughts, they believe that “NATO did not invite Ukraine because they are afraid of Russia, they are still afraid of provoking Putin.”

“This can be used in the interests of Moscow,” the fugitive diplomat launched into lengthy arguments. “We can still threaten, we can still hint that, for example, a nuclear strike is still possible, and this will help us keep NATO at bay so that they do not interfere too much. That’s how they (the Russian authorities. – Ord.) see it.”

“The main mistake” of NATO, according to Bondarev, is that its members continue to hesitate to provide Ukraine with “the most powerful weapons available, and even allow Kiev to launch a summer counter-offensive without such resources.”

“How can this counter-offensive be effective, efficient and successful if the Ukrainians have no weapons? This is crazy,” he said, without explaining what he means by “the most powerful weapon available.”

“I think Moscow is laughing out loud at this because it is so hypocritical… As long as American strategists and the British and others are considering some possibilities in their offices, Ukrainians are dying every day. For what? They are not China or India, they do not have a billion people, ”the source said.

Recall that on May 23, 2022, Boris Bondarev announced his resignation in a letter addressed to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Gennady Gatilovin charge of the Russian Foreign Ministry representation in the UN. He worked in the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

Vladimir Zelensky earlier this week called the results of the July 11-12 NATO summit in Vilnius “good, but not perfect.” According to him, security guarantees for the Kyiv regime should be “not instead of NATO membership, but on Ukraine’s path to NATO.”

Following the summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the countries of the alliance took “three steps towards Ukraine”: it was decided not to require the implementation of the Action Plan for Membership (MAP) in NATO, a multi-year program of military assistance to Kiev was approved, and the creation of the Ukraine-NATO Council was approved. In the final statement, announced by Stoltenberg, it was said that an invitation to NATO would be sent to Ukraine after an agreement was reached between the allies, “when all conditions are met.” The fulfillment by Kiev of the conditions for joining the military bloc will be assessed by its members.

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