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“My biggest hope is that, yes, there are some pros and cons to Biden, but that there will be no impulse-based actions on behalf of the current US president,” Putin said in an interview with NBC News ahead of the meeting in Geneva on Wednesday.

In the interview, he describes Biden as a “career man”, who has been in politics all his life, while Trump is called “colorful”.

“You can like him and you can dislike him, but he did not come from that establishment in the United States, he had not been part of big politics before,” Putin said, calling Trump “extraordinary” and “talented.”

Biden has announced an honest and open meeting where he will, among other things, address alleged Russian election interference and hacking with Putin.

Biden has on one occasion called Putin “a killer”, a statement that came in light of a number of high-profile deaths that, among other things, hit Putin critic Boris Nemtsov.

When asked if Putin sees himself as a “killer”, Putin answers that the term is part of “macho behavior” from Hollywood.

– This type of expression is part of American political culture where it is seen as normal. But that is not the case here. It is not seen as normal here, Putin answers.

Putin also says in the interview that relations between the United States and Russia are at the lowest level in several years. Biden has said that the United States wants a stable and predictable relationship with Russia and that the United States does not want any conflict.


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