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The average salary in Kamchatka, according to Rosstat, exceeds 100 thousand rubles, but real incomes are not so high due to the high price level. One of the reasons for this, Vladimir Putin called the work of monopolists

Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Solodov

(Photo: Alexey Nikolsky / TASS)

President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Acting Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Solodov statedthat drew attention to the high level of prices in the region. He demanded to deal with the situation, paying special attention to the monopolists.

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The President noted that in Kamchatka, the incomes of citizens are above the national average, but the high level of prices neutralizes this achievement. “The level of income of citizens in Kamchatka looks good in comparison with other regions, the eighth place in the country. But the price level is very high, and real incomes are not that big, ”he said.

“I understand that everything is related to costs, I will not list all the reasons associated with high prices. Not sure if this is always valid. We must look at this carefully. I ask you together with [Федеральной] the antimonopoly service to take a very careful look at this, ”he added.

Acting Governor of Kamchatka will go to the elections as a self-nominated candidate

Vladimir Solodov

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