Putin announced delays in payments for gas from “unfriendly countries”

Putin said that European countries are delaying payment in rubles

The Russian leader believes that there is currently no reasonable replacement for Russian gas for Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “unfriendly” countries are delaying gas payments under the new scheme, which provides for payment in euros with subsequent conversion into rubles through Gazprombank accounts. On Thursday, April 14, RosSMI reported.

“Unfriendly countries” admit that they cannot do without Russian energy resources, including gas, supplies from the United States to Europe will cost many times more than Russian ones,” Putin said.

He instructed to speed up the process of transition of the foreign exchange market to settlements in the national currency.

Recall that on March 23, President of the Russian Federation V.Vladimir Putin instructed to transfer payments for gas into rubles. Prices and volumes in previously concluded contracts will not be changed, only the payment currency will change, the Kremlin said.

And the EU said that an attempt to pay for gas in rubles will be a waiver of sanctions.

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