put your heart aside; A young woman kept her old heart in a plastic bag

Young woman undergoing heart transplant surgery He keeps his real organ in a plastic bag. Jessica Manning, a young woman from New Zealand, put her heart in a plastic bag. Her heart is preserved in liquid in a vacuum bag. The 25-year-old, who was born with heart disease, had no choice but a heart transplant.

He spent his childhood in the hospital suffering from heart disease. She underwent more than 200 minor and major heart surgeries prior to her heart transplant. She also survived two open heart surgeries before turning three.

Preparations for a heart transplant were made several times, but it wasn’t until the age of 25 that he found a suitable donor. With the success of that heart transplant, Jessica is back to living the life she wanted. But for her second birth, she owes it to the heart donor and her family.

The young woman says she still keeps her old heart as a sign of gratitude to that person. Jessica says that when she finishes building her house, she will bury her heart next to it and plant a tree above it. The young woman says the memories of the person who gave her her heart will always live with her.

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