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Be careful, let’s be clear, I said that I will no longer talk about equipment on this blog, but this article, if it does talk about it, can be seen as a brake on your Apple expenses.

It is also the return of a certain surprise after a small visit to an Apple store.

I was in Geneva on Saturday for family reasons all afternoon, and I took the opportunity to walk around what is, and it’s hard to admit for a Lausanne resident, a very beautiful city with this lake and the magnificent Rhône which cut it in two, these majestic buildings, its lively and colorful streets.

Its famous fountain, of course, its wealth (but how many luxury cars I have seen, I don’t know, there were so many) which rubbed shoulders with the great poverty of a part of the population that begs in the middle of shopping streets, in short, everything that makes a great international city.

I was talking about its shopping streets, I took the opportunity to visit the Apple Store in Geneva, to touch its new products in my hands.

But it is that we do not enter like that in this store!

One hour queue was way too long, so I wanted to leave when I was told I could go in right away if it was just to see, and if I didn’t need an appointment -you.

It was good: I said here and here that I will not buy the new hardware offered by Apple, so I did not have any care to leave with anything in a beautiful white bag, and it is what I did.

However, I’m still interested in the Apple world if only to know what I’m talking about on this blog, you can imagine it, that did not prevent me from seeing with my own eyes the AppleWatch 7, iPhone 13 and other iPad Mini.

No regrets for the first one besides: frankly, one would not have told me that the watch had a larger framing than the preceding ones, I would not have seen for myself the difference. So much so that I looked at my Apple Watch 5, then again at 7, then back to 5 (I’ll make it short, it even lasted longer), frankly, you’d have to be crazy to change.

All the same for the iPhone 13. Well … I have not tested the new photo block (it’s crazy how prominent it is), and I must admit that the ProMotion screen of the 13 Pro Max (ProMotion that I know on my iPad Pro 12’9) looks quite superb on the iPhone 13 when scrolling. It’s much smoother than on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, I made the comparison.

But frankly … did the fact that it’s a little less fluid on the 12 bother me even once?

And as the autonomy of the Pro Max 12 is already great, no, really, there either, no reason to take the step, and that’s good you see.

It is when I see the iPad Mini which is really very pretty that I tell myself that one thing would be fantastic: it is that we can use the Apple Pencil on an iPhone Pro Max.

Because yes, the iPad Mini is a fabulous notebook compatible with Apple Pencil, much more practical than the iPad Pro 12’9, but as far as I’m concerned, I tell myself that to quickly take small notes in hand, it would be great to be able to use Nebo and its handwritten recognition on the large iPhone, which would make one less device to carry around.

In short, to come back to the novelties, no reason to move on for anyone with two or even three years of equipment, and you see, for our finances, but especially for the planet, this is an excellent thing.

All this, I realize that I had thought very strongly during the presentation of the Keynote, and that I had even written it here.

That said, there, I went from theory to the field, and the latter validated the first.

But one thing is certain, is that even if I will not enrich Apple’s pockets with the material presented a few weeks ago in September, the firm does not have to worry about its finances.

Name of a pipe, I believe that in all times, I have never seen so many people in this store.

It is normally limited to 102 clients for health reasons, I have the impression that we were at the maximum.

In any case, Apple was selling what it could. Granted, there were a lot of parts missing from stock as the shortage passed by, but customers seemed to be content with a model they didn’t choose when they walked into the store, as long as they walked out with something.

The planet will wait a little longer, unfortunately.

Cover image: Apple website


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