PURE FOOTBALL: Vicente del Bosque chose the best footballer of all time

And the list of world football figures who put Lionel Messi as the greatest of all time continues to grow. On this occasion it was the legendary Vicente del Bosque who singled out 10 of FC Barcelona as the best player in all of history.

The DT who won the 2010 World Cup with the Spanish National Team went through the section Libero of TyC Sports and left different conclusions when he was questioned about the football quality of the current captain of the Argentina National Team.

First, he defined it as the best of today: “Messi is a neighborhood player, on the street. He has a vision of the game, a mastery of the ball and a dribble that is almost obsolete in today’s world. We can consider him the best player today ”.

Then he spoke about the eternal debate with Maradona: “Messi has been a great heir to Maradona. Almost, almost, I think he has surpassed the teacher ”.

And finally, he confirmed that, in his opinion, he is the king of the game: “Yes. I think it has been or is the best (in history). I think so. I don’t know if anyone can refute me, but hey ”.

Open to debate, but Del Bosque places Lionel Messi as the best footballer in the world today, as the best player that Argentina has given and as the first in the entire history of the game. After more than 50 years linked to football at the highest level, Don Vicente has been amazed with the talent of the born in Rosario.

Undefeated Data. Vicente del Bosque was champion at Real Madrid as a player and coach. He was five-time league champion on the pitch and two-time Champions League champion as DT. An absolute legend for all Madrid fans.

Did you know..? Lionel Messi is the footballer who has won the Ballon d’Or (6) and the Golden Boot (6) the most times in history. Never seen before.

Source: Libero (TyC Sports).

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