“Puppeteers Score Victory as GERB Renounces Beliefs and Demands Geshev’s Resignation”

The puppeteers behind the PP-DB recorded a significant victory, and the role played by the demand for Ivan Geshev’s resignation is played by GERB.

The journalist from SKAT Ivelin Nikolov promoted this thesis on the social network.

“It is not pleasant that the PP-DB are pushing us towards new elections, but you have to admit that they are at least concerned about the quality of the laws in the remaining days of the parliament, nominating Stoyu as the head of the legal commission.

But I’m not saying that PP-DB are idiots. In just a month, they managed, through Kiro’s head bobbing in agreement and organ playing, to make GERB renounce most of their beliefs, and at one point I expected them to make Borisov commit suicide as well, because he defeated them, and for him to agree.

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In a month, with an allegedly naive expression on some faces, even infantile, PP-DB caused image damage to GERB among right-wing voters,” commented Nikolov on Facebook.

“The people who stand behind the leaders of PP-DB achieved another significant victory. They made GERB and DPS demand the resignation of Ivan Geshev, who, like Borisov, they consider to be their main enemy.

This month was extremely successful for the PP-DB and they can safely go to the elections with their populist program,” added Ivelin Nikolov.

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2023-05-17 16:00:10

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