Pupo-Zorzi, the reasons for the quarrel at the Gf Vip

In the last episode Pupo, the Big Brother Vip columnist, attacked Tommaso Zorzi hard in defense of Giulia Salemi. The fury has not gone unnoticed by the media, social networks and even in the home. But there is a passage that we of Journalism we can reveal.

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Pupo-Zorzi, the reasons for the dispute

Inside and outside the House there may be a conflict of interest as Pupo is ‘followed’ by the same agency as Giulia Salemi. Agency with which Zorzi has not left on good terms and we are aware of it, with no possibility of being proven wrong. Zorzi, for his future, has chosen to walk on his own legs together with a company he created. Is it right that a commentator ‘protects’ a competitor with open televoting and final prize money?

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