Pumarejo requests authorization to start vaccination in people over 65 years of age

Just as advertised THE HERALD in its edition this Wednesday, the Barranquilla District submitted a request to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection to endorse the start of vaccination against covid-19 in people over 65 years of age.

The request was made through a letter addressed to the Minister Fernando Ruiz Gómez, in which arguments such as the storage capacity of the vaccine in a cold room – which is 260,000 doses – and the infrastructure available for vaccination in the city are exposed.

In the document, the Mayor Jaime Pumarejo highlighted the provision of spaces such as Romelio Martínez stadiums, Edgar Renteria, Elías Chegwin; and schools such as the La Hacienda Normal Superior School and the Las Cayenas Educational Institution, as well as the IPS, for the development of this process.

“Currently, we have implemented vaccination strategies, through the intramural and extramural modalities. In addition, in parallel, vaccination has been carried out in the captive population concentrated in institutions such as long-stay centers for the elderly, foster homes and life centers, ”the document reads.

Pumarejo also indicated that “the installed capacity allows guaranteeing more than 15,000 vaccine applications per day for the next five years.”

In addition, it indicated that the District of Barranquilla has a older population of 70 years of 109,594, of these likely to be vaccinated 85% corresponding to 93,155, as of April 5.

Of this group, 56,593 people have been vaccinated, which corresponds to a coverage reached of 60.8%: “We have used all the strategies to expand vaccination coverage in this population, including house to house sweeps and information, education and communication strategies, without generating a greater number of vaccinated in the last week ”.

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