Pulmonologists emphasize that vaccines work

There is increasing discussion about the effect of the current corona vaccines. After all, there are also many vaccinated people in hospitals. Pulmonologists emphasize today in the AD that it is a big misunderstanding that the vaccines do not work well. Unvaccinated patients who are hospitalized with corona are on average twenty years younger than patients who have been vaccinated.

That is the view of Leon van den Toorn, chairman of the Association of Physicians for Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis (NVALT). In addition, healthy people who are vaccinated generally survive an infection quite well and to date they almost never end up in hospital.

The doubt about the vaccines arises because the number of unvaccinated and vaccinated people currently staying in hospitals is approximately equal. A few weeks ago, 80 percent of the hospital population was still unvaccinated. But those figures are often misinterpreted, says Van den Toorn. “This is exactly what we fear. That these numbers are explained as: you see, it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated, because the ratio is 50-50,” he tells the newspaper.

‘Widespread misunderstanding’

“It’s really a widespread misconception that a vaccinated person can end up in hospital just as easily as an unvaccinated person. That’s not the right picture,” he continues. “Suppose, out of a hundred people, ninety people have been vaccinated and ten have not. Five of these groups are in hospital. Then it seems 50-50, but in one group it is five in ten and in the other group it is five in ninety. Vaccination still works very well, but over time the effectiveness decreases slightly.”

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For every unvaccinated person who is admitted to hospital with a serious covid infection, the pulmonologists think “the person could have prevented that”, says Van den Toorn. “I find that very frustrating.”

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By: Marinka Wagemans


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