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89 points.

This is the distance from LeBron James to the historical scoring champion, and this season, he averaged 30.2 points per game. Therefore, we can reasonably infer that with LeBron’s current progress, he can score 38,388 points in his career in about three more games, officially surpassing the Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and becoming the all-time scoring leader.

For LeBron James, who is in the second place in history, this feeling of being superior to others has actually become accustomed to it—just like being drowned out by doubts, he has long been accustomed to it.

Once the proud son of heaven, he brought great hope to his hometown, Cliffland. However, he was pinned on him. After experiencing the feeling of isolation and helplessness several times, he could not bear the expectation of this city after all. Arrived at South Beach.

That decision essentially kicked off LeBron’s villainous journey, and since then his every move has been scrutinized and everything he does has the potential to attract negative reviews. And after this villain label is affixed, it will basically follow it for a lifetime. Even if it subsequently won the second consecutive championship with the Heat and returned home to help Cliff Blue end the 52-year championship drought, the criticism has not been less after all:

The champion is too watery, the data is brushed, the ball is not good, the defense is walking, the group is grouped…

As a social animal, it is really difficult to ignore these comments. I don’t know how many people and children have given up their dreams and changed their minds because of the comments of others around them. But LeBron James is different. He still insists on his own way, continues to prove himself, and stacks honors. Even if there is never a day of cleansing, LeBron is still walking on the asymptote of perfection.

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It is undeniable that the unique and unaffected behavior style will indeed suffer a lot of moral criticism: How many strong players has he shot down, and how many times has he disbanded without shaking hands after losing?

Good, bad, positive, negative, comments about him are always pulling, but what remains unchanged is that LeBron is continuing to create peaks and continue to strive for every “first place” that belongs to him-four MVPs in five years, Consolidated the position of the first man in the league; the Heat’s two consecutive victories proved that they have the strength to win the championship; the redemption of their hometown, staged the most exciting hero’s return home scene; Aging doubts; use the 37-year-old body to carry the dilapidated Lakers…

Then, he reached the third place in the history scoring list at the last moment of Kobe’s life; he surpassed the second place Karl Malone in March of the following year…

Now, he is about to win his first place again – scoring 38,388 points in his career, surpassing the legendary Jabbar and becoming the historical scoring leader.

As a fan of the Warriors, although he doesn’t hate LeBron, as the biggest sedan chair on the way to the Bay Area’s hegemony, he will feel somewhat mixed about him. After all, the Warriors and LeBron were on the same road for “No. 1” for four years.

Before meeting for four consecutive years, I didn’t particularly reminisce about past LeBron games, let alone get up early for his games, and even used to be a part of mocking him. But after four encounters in the championship series, I can only say that this man is really too ruthless.

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Does he play brilliantly? Maybe, at some point. But for me, watching LeBron play is pretty boring most of the time because he always makes complicated things easy.As far as offense is concerned, he doesn’t need tactical cover, because giving him the ball is the best tactic. Have a sense of sight of the 2018 rocket? Maybe! ? But you have to think of Harden back then as a forward with off-ball ability and doubled physical fitness.

Every great player, every great character has his own path, and LeBron has spent his entire career creating it. Making the game simple and omnipotent are the two words I would most intuitively use to describe the changes he brought about. Yes, if the current wave of three-pointers in the league was brought about by Curry and his Warriors; then for a team that is keen to collect point forwards and is fascinated by the sea of ​​wings, this “all-around” team-building thinking , undoubtedly influenced by LeBron.

Self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence are what LeBron has been doing. He has countless personal honors. If Maslow’s needs theory is used to position him in the league, I think he is undoubtedly pursuing the peak of “self-actualization” “Bar! ? Burning “maybe” is the last glory, but he still maintains all the data at a high level, and constantly improves his self-worth and historical positioning.

Maybe in the future, when everyone discusses who is the best scorer in the NBA, LeBron James’ name will not be mentioned; maybe he will still be relatively weak in the discussion about GOAT in the future, but so what? At least LeBron has made great achievements for himself, for the team, and for his hometown several times, and the rest can only be judged by all walks of life.

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“I don’t see this record (historical scoring leader) as my achievement, I see it as a human achievement.” The current record holder, the legendary Jabbar, who scored 38,387 points in his career, once scored 38,387 points in his career last season. Said: “If someone can do what no one has been able to do before, it means that everyone has the opportunity to accomplish it, and this is the source of hope.”

“If LeBron breaks my record, it’s a win for ‘us'”

“And I will also cheer for him at the scene.”

According to Jabbar, maybe this “Top One” can be taken lightly, after all, this is a basketball victory. So next, let us witness when LeBron will lead mankind to a new realm! ?


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