“Pugačova comes to Meladzi’s defense against the liars”

Pugačova published footage from Meladze’s concert on Instagram, adding the description:

“Those liars who talk about Valery Meladze’s “failed” concert tour in Israel should be upset. It was a celebration!!!”

It is understood that Pugacheva is referring to what is expressed in the Russian propaganda media.

For context: Meladze welcomed the New Year at a concert in Dubai. After that, a video appeared on social networks in which Meladze reacts to the words “Glory to Ukraine!”. In the published footage, a person behind the camera calls out a slogan for Meladzem, to which the singer apparently responds with the words: “Glory to the heroes!” The video entrepreneur does not hide his excitement, but Meladze asks him to calm down, saying: “We are apolitical here today.”

After the video appeared, Meladze lost concerts in Russia, and now the 57-year-old performer performs abroad. In the Russian media, there are reports that the tour abroad has not started very well.

As is known, Meladze was one of the first Russian performers who responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He expressed on social networks: “Today happened what should never have happened. (..) Stop the war! People need to be able to talk. That’s why we are given the language and all the opportunities. People don’t need to die. It needs to stop immediately.”

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