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Published an alpha version of Rustler, “medieval GTA” – Gambling

news/90318/Opublikovana_zapis_alfa-versii_Rustler_srednevekovoy_GTA.html"> A few days ago a Polish studio Jutsu gamesknown by the simulator 911 Operatorrendered on Kickstarter your unusual project Rustler. And those who invested at least $ 25 got access to the alpha version of the game.-

Thanks YouTube-the GameEdged channel, you can see how the game now looks, as well as what kind of entertainment a guy who has nothing to lose in particular can wait in the Middle Ages. Record 25 minutes of passage published on the network.

The very idea of ​​the game is close to the series Grand Theft Auto, it is no coincidence that the creators chose Grand Theft Horse by subtitle. Here, in the same way, it is not necessary to clearly follow the plot, if you wish, you can simply arrange medieval lawlessness with fights, chases and shooting by cows from the trebuchet.

The game is replete with humor, Easter eggs and references to modern pop culture, which are becoming more expressive in the old environment. The authors themselves admit that they were inspired by the work of the comedy group “Monty python“.

So far, Rustler has failed to make a sensation on Kickstarter, of the required 19 thousand dollars collected only half. However, there are still 25 days ahead.-

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