PUBLICATION – ‘Awakening the sleeping giant’

Jake Kheel publishes the book Waking the sleeping giant (Awakening the Sleeping Giant), a focus on sustainability that highlights the power of companies to help the planet.

The book, in English and on sale since April 6 on Amazon, offers executives and employees of companies different ways to act, make a difference and show the value of sustainability to obtain good results in actions to protect the planet.

It will be sold as an e-book, paperback, and hardcover. The Spanish version will be published in the Dominican Republic in July this year.

In the publication, the vice president of the Fundación Grupo Puntacana uses lessons learned during the last sixteen years of work in this group on how companies can find their optimum point of sustainability, giving an example of training fishermen to restore degraded coral reefs.

It also highlights the process of fertilization with earthworm feces (compost) made from food remains from restaurants, which serves as fertilizer to the golf courses of Puntacana Resort & Club and the use of the resort as a wildlife refuge to protect the Gavilán Hispaniola, currently in danger of extinction, among other endemic birds and / or species.
“Our hope with the book is that it can provide young sustainability professionals and companies on their own sustainability journeys with real-world knowledge and concrete examples of where to start and how to do it,” said Kheel.

About the Author

Jake Kheel is a sustainability innovator and documentarian. For fifteen years he has faced social and environmental challenges in the tourism industry as vice president of the Fundación Grupo Puntacana in the Dominican Republic. The foundation has received numerous international awards for its work, including awards from the World Travel and Tourism Council, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, and National Geographic Traveler.

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He was also the president of the National Business Support Network for Environmental Protection (ECORED) in the Dominican Republic, an association of nearly 100 prominent companies committed to sustainability.

Jake directed and produced the award-winning documentary “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” which explores Dominican-Haitian deforestation and escalating human conflict on the border.


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