Public relations: Demmin is now also on Instagram and Facebook

The best ideas and developments in a city are of little use if hardly anyone takes any notice of them. And without the appropriate social media channels, the external image often looks pale in the digital age. Demmin also fell short of his potential in this regard. Except that official city website, which was completely overhauled a good year ago, the Hanseatic city made little effort to present itself fresh and modern on the web. Until now.

Because since this week the administration has been using its own channels on Facebook and Instagram. Under the search term “Demmin – our beautiful Hanseatic city” (Instagram: demmin_unsereschoenehansestadt) Here you can find insights into general city events, the work of the administration as well as announcements and dates. “First and foremost, we want to create a platform for everyone,” says Nancy Klevenow, head of the Office for Marketing, Tourism and Economic Development.

There will also be a dedicated YouTube channel

Everything should become more transparent and contact with the citizens should be possible beyond the borders of the town hall. “I think it’s off to a good start,” she says. And indeed, the new offers can enjoy a lively influx within the first day. After all, 50 subscribers each came together on Facebook and Instagram. Ascending trend.

The first step on the way to more digital presence has been taken. However, the plans are much bigger. A YouTube channel is being considered, which will, for example, be used to publish a monthly newsletter in video form. The concept of an app for the Hanseatic city is also being worked on.

But it’s not just about the Demminers themselves with all the innovations. “In general, the sphere of activity should be larger,” she says. The target group is people from all over Germany. Klevenow expects concrete benefits from this for the Hanseatic city that go beyond mere representation on the Internet. “Investors also move on these platforms,” ​​says Klevenow. A fact that could play into the hands of the desired economic development.

New design should also create new Demmin identity

But even those who are not at home on the Internet can get an impression of the rejuvenation that the city is currently undergoing in its public relations work. Because the Demminer Nachrichten will come in a new guise from the next issue. Instead of the well-known red and yellow tones, green and blue will dominate the cover page of the city’s own newspaper, the content of which will also be restructured.

Not a purely cosmetic procedure, but part of a strategic plan. “We want to somehow manage to create recognition,” says Nancy Klevenow. This means, among other things, that the design of the urban appearances should be standardized and, in conjunction with the other renewed forms of presentation, create a separate Demmin identity both internally and externally. A big goal, but one that still needs time. “Not everything will be implemented immediately,” she says.


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