Public prosecutor opens investigation into Covid-19 outbreak in Mora – News

“An investigation was launched with the object of a concrete situation related to the Mora outbreak, in the scope of which all the facts that come to the attention of the Public Prosecutor and that are likely to be part of the crime will not fail to be investigated”, confirmed source of the Attorney General’s Office to the SAPO24.

“This investigation is conducted by the DIAP Public Prosecutor’s Office in Évora”, confirmed the same source.

The number of people infected with covid-19 in the village of Mora, in the Évora district, rose to 54 today, four more than on Thursday.

The pandemic also led to the admission of five people to the Hospital of Espírito Santo de Évora (HESE), four in intensive care and one in the ward.

A source from HESE revealed to Lusa that the four patients admitted to the Covid Intensive Care Unit, three men and one woman, are aged between 64 and 69 years old, while the patient hospitalized in the ward, a man, is 89 years old.

This outbreak came on the 9th of this month, when the first three positive cases in the community were confirmed, a number that has been rising, every day, as the contacts of infected people are being tested.

The inquiry raised by the Public Ministry comes after the Mayor of Mora told the Lusa Agency in the middle of this week to have “knowledge” of “ongoing investigations by the police authorities” about the covid-19 outbreak in the village, which admitted it could result from “someone’s negligence”.

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“From what I am aware of, there are investigations underway by the police authorities, regarding the zero patient”, because “it is suspected that there may have been someone’s negligence”, said Luís Simão.

The outbreak of the disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 may be due to “someone who will not have behaved as he should, in the sense of having perceived the origin of the outbreak earlier”, declared the mayor.

“I hope that this is not confirmed, of course. The authorities are investigating ”, but,“ if someone’s liability is found, those people should be held strictly responsible ”, he defended.

GNR told Lusa, also in the middle of this week, that “it continues to make efforts to find out people who may have disrespected or are disrespecting the rules in force established by the Directorate-General for Health“.

The mayor of Mora has been at home since Thursday and “for a few days”, on the recommendation of the Health Authority, following tests on workers in the municipality this week, which revealed two infected people.

“My covid-19 test was negative, but as I contacted documents passed by the two infected in the chamber, I have to stay here and I’m working from home,” he told Lusa.

In fact, the closure to the public of municipal services, determined in an order signed by Luís Simão, “will continue”.

“There is no other option. The decision is that these services remain closed to the public as long as positive cases continue to appear and we do not have two or three days here when there are no more cases of the disease ”, he justified.

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Especially because, he stressed, “there are eight people working in the city hall”, currently, “the rest are all at home, just in case”.

According to the mayor, the disease screening tests carried out in the municipality’s homes, namely those in Mora, Cabecção and Pavia, “came back negative”, with only “receiving the results from de Brotas”.

“The tests to Mora’s firefighters were also carried out on Thursday, the GNR military has all been tested and the testing operation in the community continues to take place,” he added.

The council activated the Municipal Emergency Plan and closed, at the beginning of last week, public attendance services and other equipment, such as the Children’s Workshop, the Casa da Cultura, the Leisure Activities Center and sports facilities.

With the population confined to their home, as a precaution, they also closed cafes, restaurants and other commercial establishments.

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