Public health has a broad back

Managing a pandemic is quite a challenge for a government. No one could have guessed a year ago that the infamous virus would still cause so many problems this year and play nasty tricks on us with its variants.

We must therefore adapt quickly and, on this point, I totally agree with the Prime Minister. Where I pick up is when François Legault tries to lay the blame on Public Health, as if he was just an executor.

With all due respect, Prime Minister, when we run a government, we must assume our responsibilities, even if our decisions risk displeasing part of the population.

Public Health recommends and you decide.

In order to defend yourself from having played yoyo with sanitary measures, why did you mention yesterday, in the middle of a press conference, that you could not say “no, no, no” to Public Health, which recommended that you reopen schools? full-time, despite a worrying rise in variants?

This is wrong and you know it, no one was forcing you to say “yes, yes, yes”.

Fortunately, you can’t boast of having been more careful than Public Health during the holiday season by ignoring its recommendations and, a few weeks later, mentioning that it is not possible.

Mr. Prime Minister, I am not blaming you for hesitating before changing your mind, I know it is not easy. Moreover, there is not a single columnist or political analyst who can boast of never having been wrong since the start of this pandemic, including me.

To have been Minister Delegate in the former government, I know that it is much easier to criticize than to act, you must realize that since you have been in power, you who took so much pleasure in criticizing with a lot of virulence.

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In fact, there is mainly one element that I retained yesterday during your press conference. It is your lack of courage, a reproach that you were quick to make when you were leader of the Second Opposition.

It was not impressive to see you cover up your lack of courage by trying to lay the blame on Public Health.

Although it is important to listen to the recommendations of Public Health, remember that at the end of the day, as Prime Minister, it is always you who make the decisions.

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