Public doctors call on the Ministry of Health to restore leave

Photo d’illustration / Ph. Fadel Senna – AFP

The day after a decision requiring medical staff who are on leave to return to work, hospital practitioners called on the Ministry of Health to reverse this measure. In this sense, the Independent Union of Public Sector Doctors (SIMSP) pointed to “unilateral and improvised decisions”.

This total elimination of leave comes after a first measure reducing this period to ten days, for the medical staff on the front line in the fight against the spread of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

In a statement reached Yabiladi, the structure calls for the annulment of a decision “which only worsens the situation exposing the staff to increased psychological pressure”. She also recalls “the considerable efforts made in preparation for the second wave of the pandemic, which may occur next fall”. In the same vein, the union demands that the ministry return to doctors payroll deductions, which “impacted medical executives and their families”.

In parallel to this reaction, medical personnel belonging to the National Federation of Health (FNS) within public structures observed sit-ins on Tuesday at their workplaces. In addition to protesting against the ministry’s decision, they denounced the absence of sufficient means of protection to ensure the proper conduct of their profession. As shown by the recent upsurge in covid-19 infections among practitioners, particularly in Fez.

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