PUBG Mobile Rolls Out Version 1.6 Update, Presents 7 Favorite Game Modes

Previously, Tencent had just announced that it was re-collaborating with Norwegian-British music producer and DJ, Alan Walker, in the PUBG Mobile game.

Coinciding with the launch of the latest single entitled ‘Don’t You Hold Me Down’, loyal PUBG Mobile gamers can listen to this new song by DJ Walkzz in the lobby room in the game.

Through this collaboration, Tencent Games wants to prove that mobile games are able to transcend boundaries by collaborating with various genres such as: fashion, automotive, film, music and many other elements.

“Since the last collaboration in 2019, many of our loyal fans and digital creators have been looking forward to the continuation of the PUBG Mobile collaboration with favorite DJ Alan Walker,” said Jenny Zhuang, PUBG Mobile Marketing Manager SEA in a statement.

He added, “With the success of the previous collaboration, we believe Don’t Hold Me Down will also be the perfect song to accompany and lift the spirits of PUBG Mobile players.”

Information, this is Alan Walker’s third single in collaboration with PUBG Mobile after previously single Live Fast and On My Way also appeared in this battle royale genre game.



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