Puan’s moment intrigued me when I announced the candidate for TNI commander Yudo


There was an interesting moment when the chairman of the DPR Madam Empress announced the name of the candidate for commander of the TNI to replace General Andika Perkasa. Puan had intrigued her the moment she was about to read the name of the candidate for the new TNI commander.

The press conference to announce the name of the candidate for the post of TNI commander was held at the Parliament compound, Senayan, Jakarta on Monday (28/11/2022). Puan was accompanied by other DPR leaders, namely DPR Deputy Chairman Lodewijk F Paulus and Rachmat Gobel. Secretary of State Pratikno was also present on the occasion.

“The president’s proposed name to replace TNI commanding general Andika Perkasa is…” Puan paused in his sentence.

Lady then i looked at you average. Sometimes you smile.

“It is, who, yes? This is according to what is in the letter, there, yes,” said Ms.

Puan resumed his sentence. Then it appeared that she was talking to one of the media crew.

“It is. Oh, you can’t wait,” Puan asked, chuckling.

From time to time he glanced at the letter from the president in his hand and prepared to read the entire name of the candidate for commander of the TNI in full.

“That is, TNI Admiral Yudo Margono, the Chief of Naval Staff or KSAL right now,” Puan said.

Madam Empress he said KSAL Yudo Margono would then go through a mechanism in the DPR before being approved as the new TNI commander.

“And with the official letter from the President that we received from the DPR leadership, it means that TNI Admiral Yudo Margono can immediately follow the existing mechanism in the DPR to later implement the mechanism. test fit and correct in Parliament,” he said.

Watch the video: Puan denies speculation that there has been a change in the name of the candidate for commander of the TNI

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