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PTT prepares a reserve plan to increase gas production After the Erawan knot, no conclusion

Date 05 March 2021 time 17:30

PTT continues negotiations with other gas producers in the Gulf of Thailand to speed up LNG Terminal and ready to use in 2Q22 Hope to increase the production of gas to be sufficient. Supporting the joint to change the Erawan gas field concessionaire

Mr. Atikom Terbsiri, Chief Operating Officer of the Upstream Petroleum and Gas Business Group, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), revealed that PTT has monitored the progress in preparing the natural gas production plan of PTT Public Company Limited. PTTEP Energy Development Company Limited (PTTEP), which is the recipient of the Erawan Product Sharing Agreement Following the former concessionaire Will start production of gas In April 2022, it was found that PTTEP had encountered problems unable to enter the Erawan area and could affect the continuity of natural gas production for the country.

In this regard, PTTEP has coordinated with PTTEP to closely monitor the situation of its progress. With regard to the energy security of the country, PTT has negotiated with other natural gas producers in the Gulf of Thailand that have the potential to increase the production of renewable gas in order to reduce the impact on energy costs of Thailand. Partially down country

At the same time, it has prepared to expedite the construction of the new LNG Terminal to be completed and ready for use by the second quarter of 2022, including preparing an import plan for liquefied natural gas (LNG), including products to replace the capacity of the GSP That is, if necessary, to provide sufficient feedstock to the petrochemical industry in a country with a continuous supply chain and creating substantial added value.

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However, PTT hopes that all parties will cooperate in solving the problem as soon as possible. To continuously build the country’s energy security And try to minimize the impact that may occur on the public


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