Psychotic Louis P. stabbed three teenagers: “I had delusions and voices in my head” | Inland

“I had delusions and voices in my head that people wanted to attack me. I started running with the knife in my hand and I wanted to keep people away from me ”, said P. about this in the court in The Hague, where he had to answer to the judge on Thursday afternoon.

The 36-year-old suspect stated that he bought the knife because he wanted to commit suicide. An earlier attempt, a few weeks before, had failed. On that particular evening, he first ate with his mother and stepfather. There he used drugs and walked the dog. He then took the tram to the city center and bought cannabis again and smoked it. “After this it went wrong and I heard voices in my head. I thought everyone wanted to attack me. ”

Hit back

The judge read from the various police statements that showed that the two girlfriends felt a blow on the back and then discovered that they had been stabbed. The 13-year-old boy also felt a kind of fist in his back. He was just walking for Hudson’s Bay without the rest of his family. Witnesses then saw the stabbing man toss the knife into a planter and run away. He was eventually recognized on camera images the day after and the police were able to arrest him. The two girls read a brave victim statement that showed that they both still struggle to be in a place where it is busy or people suddenly start running. They also indicated that they suffered from their scar because it always reminds us of the conscious shopping evening. The 13-year-old boy’s aunt read a statement on his behalf. “I felt something and saw a lot of blood. Panic broke out everywhere. I still can’t cycle or walk with a heavy backpack. We could have been dead. ”


The officer demanded a four-year prison sentence and TBS with compulsory treatment against the care-avoiding suspect. “It was a fun evening that ended in drama. The term Black Friday was given a different meaning. ”

Halfway through the session, P. left the room because he indicated that he had too many headaches. “I would like to apologize to the victims. I didn’t do it myself ”, says P. Reports show that the suspect is psychotic. He should be treated quickly, according to an expert.

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