Psychologist Rosen Yordanov Discusses President Rumen Radev and “Vazrazhdane” Party in Interview

I’m sorry to have to say it, I don’t like to express myself like this, but it’s already been 5-6 years since I commented on Rumen Radev. From his first appearances, when he was “installed” as the incumbent in the presidential institution, I have repeatedly said what I think of him, and at the moment I can only “annoy” with expressions like: “Did I tell you …?” – to everyone those who, for various conjunctural reasons, found him acceptable, or infallible, or their companion. I also have enough comments and analyzes for the president. The lady president, like her husband, was never able to come to terms with her role as an “extra”, as the wife of a person who should simply perform some mostly ceremonial and symbolic functions. At various times, she proved herself to be an apparently vain, ambitious and hyperactive woman. Despite being gagged for a while after a series of public gaffes, she still clearly gets a kick out of being America’s president, not as a “mother” but as a “poop of the nation.” Apparently, both of them in an emotional and psychological aspect are in some specific state of narcissistic stupor from the temptation to experience themselves as a monarchical couple, in their attempts to consume representative and formal power by the handful.

Psychologist Rosen Yordanov stated this in an interview for BGNES.

“What is happening is quite natural. A period is coming to an end, in which, obviously, the masks will have to fall, some people will have to wise up, others will have to take not one, not two, but five steps back, especially the leaders,” said Rosen Yordanov, adding that some prominent representatives of ” Continuing the change’ seems to have not yet fully grasped the historical challenge of the situation, but I hope they will because the threat of regression and failure is very serious.

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The psychologist stressed that President Rumen Radev is a Russian project. “Rumen Radev is definitely not a president who represents Bulgarians. He is an “avatar” of certain retrograde goals, specific Eastern geopolitical interests, but not the Bulgarian ones. Nothing, that he managed to successfully mislead many, some for “short-sighted” interests, others for purely “aesthetic” reasons, since often in our society he “falls” according to the ancient Greek ideal “kalokagatia” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) – good posture , a good figure, a man doing sit-ups at the age of 55-56. However, we have to realize that nowadays this is not enough to understand the core and values ​​of a person,” he is emphatic.

Yordanov commented that “Vazrazhdane” is a simple political firm that works well in a murky political market, in which its only job is to be a good speculator (trader) and increase its income. “I can only say one thing to all those who voted for “Revival” – you keep pouring money into them, they can buy at least a few more houses. The truth is that they never wanted to rule authentically. The words most often used to describe them as populism will not do for the angry people who resent the nonsense of the American embassy, ​​the nonsense of the group gathered around two corporate players to satisfy their narcissistic needs. You know who I’m talking about – the PP leaders,” he noted.

The psychologist added that these narcissistic weaknesses were used very skillfully to pour oil into the mill of the increasingly organized pro-Russian minority in Bulgaria, but sufficiently organized and sufficiently strongly supported by the “almost dim-witted policy of some of our Euro-Atlantic partners, who without much to think of him, so successfully pour arguments into the anti-motivation of these people”.

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“If we really look at what is happening, for a long time all kinds of stories have been talked about “Vazrazhdane”, but they are practically another political company – the first was “Attaka”, then it was the project of Barekov, now they are “Vazrazhdane”. I can successfully tell everyone who votes for “Vazrazhdane” that these people do not want to rule for real”, said Yordanov categorically and pointed out that in order to want to rule, you need to attract experts, and real experts value real and achievable goals , which are missing in this formation.

According to the psychologist, people who have responsibility, have taken serious responsibility in the state or in the private sector, do not associate themselves with such extreme positions, which are absurd for common sense. “This means that Mr. Kostadinov, whom I otherwise congratulate for his political bargaining, successfully manages to calculate and fill their account, as I have already said, with inadequate but willing foreign aid. So let each voter estimate how much money “Vazrazhdane” will have made since the last election. Let them increase them if they want, so they can buy a few more houses, but there are actually 15 people who have gathered in a group and who distribute this resource. All the others are just donors to the gentlemen who don’t want to commit to responsibilities anyway,” he emphasized and explained that the point of a political party is to strive for power, for which, however, it must have the necessary resources.

“PP, if they haven’t learned that they must have at least 2-3 thousand people who are ready to adequately enter the administration when you declare that you will lead a country, then they haven’t learned their lesson. GERD, of course, they have known for a long time. They learned it long and hard, but they learned it nonetheless. DB, I think they know that too. So it’s not that simple. And Mr. Kostadinov and the group around him are simply creating a good bank account for themselves from the short-sightedness, anger and stupidity of people and some foreign partners,” Yordanov also said and specified that he was not being commented on infantilism.

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The psychologist pointed out that we are at the end of a cycle that started a long time ago, to which the SDS, as well as other parties, including the NDSV, GERB, and even the BSP in the person of Sergey Stanishev, have made a huge contribution. “Look, when all these supposedly “revolutionary” events began in the summer of 2020, if you remember, Bulgaria was on the threshold of the Eurozone and Schengen, so the battle will be fierce, but there must be a government,” Yordanov concluded.

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