PSU reveals research results, “Covid patients have pneumonia. 7 times the risk of developing tuberculosis

PSU reveals research results, “Covid-19 infected patients havepneumonia 7 times the risk of developing tuberculosis

Prince of Songkla University (PSU) by Faculty of Medicine open the risk research resultsAt the time of COVID-19, a patient was found to be infected with COVID-19. and have symptoms of pneumonia There is a risk of beingat disease rates as high as 7 times that of normal people reveals people infected with COVID-19 As a result, infected people have immunity.weaker showcases published research resultsin medical journals eClinicalMedicine that has been recognized globally

Dr. Polkrit Khamwicha, lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology Faculty of Medicine Prince of Songkla University (PSU) revealed that the Faculty of Medicine, PSU, led by Dr. Polkrit Khamvicha, Department of Epidemiology, together with Professor Dr. Weerasak Jongsoowiwatwong course chair Department of Epidemiology joint research projects “In areas where there is an outbreak of tuberculosis COVID-19 pneumonia patients There is a risk of pulmonary tuberculosis.”conducting research from the main officeNational Health Insurance (NHSO.) and research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA. The results of this research revealed that patients infected with COVID-19 and have symptoms of pneumonia There is a risk of beingat disease rates as high as 7 times that of normal people

The results of the risk research areAt the disease of COVID-19 patients started a feedback collection projectFollow the drug intake of tuberculosis treatment in the Health Zone 12, which consists of 7 southern provinces, namely Trang, Phatthalung, Satun, Songkhla, Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala, with more than 20,000 patients participating in the trial since January 2022 from the treatment history of patients withBe a volunteer for every case from most tuberculosis patientsThere is often a history of being treated for Kovic.TB-19 as an in-patient, where basically 1/3 of Thai people have TB infection but do not.any symptoms and not infect others It’s called latent tuberculosis.

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In addition, when taking the patient registration informationCOVID-19 and tuberculosis patients to conduct the studyretrospective study to compare the incidencepulmonary tuberculosis in patientswith pneumonia from COVID-19 who has been discharged from the hospital with an accidentEvidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in peoplewhere there is no evidence that ever criticizedCOVID-19 By following up on all patient datafor at least 6 months, it was found that patients with pneumonia from COVID-19 after being treated until recoveringand discharged from the hospital. But there is a risk of beingat lung disease than the general population

However, the risk research results areThe PSU’s COVID-19 disease narrative was published in the eClinicalMedicine which is a medical journal affiliated with the Lancet group that is globally recognized The research results also reflectThailand is also an area withtuberculosis outbreak Even nowadays it is an infectious disease.that are not often found because the immune system of normal peoplecan control tuberculosisdisease, leading to indications that COVID-19 may make people infected with immunityweakened from the fatigue of the immune systemResponding to COVID-19 especially in cases with pneumonia resulting in the risk of beingat the disease than the general population

Professor Dr. Weerasak M.D. Jongsoowiwatwong course chair Department of Epidemiology Faculty of Medicine, PSU said that tuberculosis is a persistent disease.problems in Thailand But it’s a disease that can be cured and not.terrible disease Knowing that there is an opportunity to take risksIf you have tuberculosis, you need to be treated.treated as soon as possible from the startat risk of beingAt the disease, most of them are patients with complaints.HIV infection, diabetic patients But from the results of the research in Patients with pneumonia due to infectionCOVID-19 is also a risk group. which those who are at riskYong should take good care of himself.and see a doctor for continuous follow-up. while the public health system must lookAnd this group of people is special.

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