PSSI opens up that JIS is the “host” of the 2022 AFF Cup

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

PSSI describes the plan to use the international stadium in Jakarta (HE) as the home stadium of the Indonesian national team for AFF Cup 2022.

PSSI Secretary General Yunus Nusi said he will look into conditions and situations on the pitch before deciding which stadium to host the 2022 AFF Cup match in Indonesia.

“His instructions [Menpora] there are several options [kandang Timnas Indonesia]. We will certainly see the readiness on the field first. We also need to see if there is an audience or no audience, “Yunus said.

In addition to the JIS, several other stadiums are also considered by the PSSI as a venue for the Indonesian national team to host opponents in the ASEAN interstate event later this year.

“Patriots and Wibawa Mukti, Pakansari, is what we will see, including grass for December, depending on whether or not. We will come later, starting Thursday, our team will go to some of those fields,” said Yunus.

PSSI plans to announce the home stadium of the Indonesian national team for the 2022 AFF Cup on November 20, which is the final deadline to determine the home base in accordance with AFF regulations.

In the group stage, Indonesia will host two matches, namely against Cambodia (23/12) and Thailand (29/12).

In addition, the Indonesian national team will visit when they play matches against Brunei Darussalam (26/12) and the Philippines (2/1).

The Indonesian national team will still play at home and away if they can make it through to the semi-finals and finals.

JIS was once expected to be one of the arenas for the Indonesian national team’s FIFA match against Curacao on September 27. However, PSSI said it would not use JIS and made Pakansari Stadium and Patriot Chandrabaga an option.

PSSI states that JIS is not up to standard, so FIFAMatchdays cannot be organized. Building infrastructure, parking and rental prices that are considered too expensive are the reasons why PSSI removed JIS from the list of arenas.

The cancellation of the PSSI sparked reactions from various circles, including supporters on social media.

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