PSSI is sure it will not be sanctioned by FIFA, that’s why


PSSI sure you will not be penalized FIFA. The federation continues to communicate and relate well to the governing body of world football.

The Kanjuruhan tragedy suspected of threatening Indonesia with sanctions by FIFA. The Indonesian National Team and the Indonesian Under 20 National Team could be affected if that happens.

Reason Indonesian national will play in the 2023 Asian Cup. Meanwhile, the U-20 national team will also qualify for the 2023 Asian U-20 Cup.


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In addition, the state of Indonesia as a host Under 20 World Cup 2023 it can also be affected. But PSSI certain that FIFA will not impose sanctions on Indonesia.

“From me personally, as long as the communication is built, we continue to build, while we also get input, if we build the communication, we receive feedback and we carry out point by point what has been transmitted by FIFA and AFC, God willing, we can avoid sanctions” PSSI general Wasek Maaike Ira Puspita told reporters.

Maaike also revealed the contents of a FIFA letter to PSSI linked to the tragedy of Kanjuruhan. He confirmed FIFA he did not mention the potential sanctions that will be obtained by Indonesia.

A part from that, FIFA and the FTA will then come to Indonesia. But the purpose of the visit was not to conduct an investigation.

“The letter from the FIFA president (Gianni Infantino) did not speak at all of sanctions, but only of condolences. And the FIFA president together with PSSI also provided support. At the AFC it was the same and they asked for a timeline. So not there was written sanction chat at all, “Maaike said.

“God willing, next week (FIFA and AFC will arrive). It will come gradually, FIFA first. No more than about five people,” he said.

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