PSP will destroy more than 17 thousand weapons


The PSP will destroy, on Friday, 17,183 weapons, within the framework of the International Day for the Destruction of Arms, which is celebrated today, bringing to almost 200 thousand the number of weapons destroyed since 2014.

At issue are firearms declared lost in favor of the State, within the scope of criminal proceedings and administrative or administrative proceedings and the process of voluntary surrender of weapons and the absence of a sanctioning procedure, through which 7,279 firearms were delivered, announced PSP in a statement.

The initiative, under the motto “Every weapon destroyed can no longer be used to kill, injure or intimidate” and chaired by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, aims to “draw the attention of the world, the media and citizens in general to the problematic of the need for arms control by public authorities “, says the PSP.

The weapons are destroyed after their uselessness for operational, training, cultural, museological or other security forces activity has been confirmed.

In the statement, the PSP also reports that it received and destroyed 1,367 kilograms of ammunition and cartridges this year, after 18,198 kilograms were destroyed in 2018.

The action is part of the programs to which the PSP is associated, promoted by the UN, related “with the control of illicit trafficking in firearms, control of violence and crime practiced by young people using firearms and promotion of the State of Law with the incentive to develop voluntary arms delivery programs “, emphasizes the security force.

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