PSI Was Offered Rp. 1 Billion to Support the Couple in Solo Election, Not Gibran-Teguh Page all – Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Solo confess offered almost Rp 1 billion to support your opponent Gibran-Teguh in the 2020 Pilkada, Solo City.

According to the Head of DPD PSI Solo, Antonius Yogo Prabowo told reporters, the offer came from parties that did not have seats in the Solo DPRD.

Then, according to Yogo, the pair that will be opposed to Gibran-Teguh are Achmad Purnomo and Anung Indro Santoso.

“So yesterday there was an offer to PSI to enter the car so that it could be invited to a coalition to pass Pak Purnomo-Anung’s offer to his partner,” said Yogo.

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New shaft shape

Yogo explained, the party that offered hundreds of millions of money also offered other parties.

According to Yogo, the parties will form a new axis in the Solo regional election.

“The design, PKS, PAN and PSI are locked. Gerindra has been released from the scenario because it supports (Gibran-Teguh),” he continued.

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Flattered, but …

Yogo admitted he was surprised by the offer. The reason is, as a party that is still the same age as corn, it has already been calculated in the Solo City Election.

However, according to Yogo, the offer did not change the party’s commitment to continue supporting Gibran-Teguh.

“PSI is still close to Mas Gibran. Solo until now for a strong candidate then has a vision for the future, has the spirit to build the city, PSI in Mas Gibran,” he explained.

Explanation of Purnomo-Anung

Meanwhile, Purnomo admitted that he was reluctant to assume about his political career.

He even openly said he did not want to respond too much about the existence of an offer against him in the political world.

“Don’t assume. Always misses. It has been suggested that branch managers miss it. Now let’s not,” he said.

Purnomo also did not know anything about the Rp 1 billion offer mentioned by Yogo.

Meanwhile, Anung Indro Susanto considered it reasonable if there were political dynamics like that.

“Ordinary conditions like this. The atmosphere is like ordinary elections. I once joined the name of political contestation (in 2015). Ordinary like that, the name of politics is developing, dynamic. There is dynamics in the community,” said the former Head of PP Bapermas PP and the Solo KB.

(Author: Solo Contributor, Labib Zamani | Editor: Dony Aprian)

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