PSG star not to Liverpool – Jürgen Klopp is said to have vetoed shortly before the transfer sensation with Neymar

Klopp prevents Neymar change: Like several english Media reports that Liverpool FC was about to sign Neymar. The 30 year old Brazilian of Paris Saint-Germain would have the through the move from Sadio Mané to FC Bayern The gap that opened up on the offensive could be closed, but coach Jürgen Klopp allegedly ultimately turned his back on it.

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Neymar doesn’t fit into the Liverpool system: Former Liverpool player Don Hutchinson says on ESPN about Neymar: “In his heyday there was only Messi who was technically better than him. he was so good If you look at the top four teams outside of England, no one can afford him. Then there are teams like Liverpool who don’t really want him because he wouldn’t fit into their system.”

Neymar future unclear: Recently, Neymar pulled out a contract option, which means himself extended its working paper in Paris to 2027. The Brazilian and the club should consider a separation. Chelsea FC is considered to be interested. Neymar’s move from Barcelona to PSG five years ago is still considered the most expensive transfer in football with a transfer fee of 222 million euros.

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