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Thanks to their new success against Leipzig (4-1), PSG take first place in Group A of the Youth League with 8 points, just ahead of Bruges (goal difference), the Belgian club having beaten Manchester City in parallel at the end of a stunning scenario (5-3). With only one change at the kick-off compared to the first leg (won 3-0), with the tenure of Ismaël Gharbi in place of Wilson Odobert on the right wing of the Parisian attack, the team by Zoumana Camara has mastered her subject again, especially in the first half hour. Edouard Michut thus perfectly changed wings to get out of the pressure on the right and alert Gassama to the opposite, whose center did not find a taker (2nd). A good high recovery from Michut then allowed Kari to serve Gassama at the entrance to the area, who hooked to get on his right foot before arming the shot, captured by Jonas Nickisch (5th). Then it was Gharbi who stole a ball high on the right to offer it to Gassama, but David Lelle saved on his line while Nickisch was beaten (8th)!

Completely passed in the middle, Leipzig retreated on its bases, to the point of no longer being able to get out of its camp. In this diagram, Michut released a heavy strike, which fled the frame (14th). And, Michut, again, combined with Simons inside, who put in a touch for the call in the area of ​​Gharbi, but the latter lacked lucidity (18th). But by dint of insisting, Paris found the loophole. Kari, pressed hard a full axis pass, which Simons deflected with his supporting leg, for Michut, who finally adjusted Nickisch with a cross shot with the flat of the right foot (1-0, 25th)! Except that after the opening of the logical score, Paris eased off.

Paris and Simons spend the second

Zaire-Emery lost a first ball, before recovering by making a mistake (30th). Then it was Kari who was trapped by Kacper Smorgol, Daniel Krasucki then inherited the leather before shifting Joscha Wosz, whose overly axial strike was stopped by Franchi (31st). The third was ultimately good for the Germans, with a bad back pass from Michut intercepted by Krasucki, who left the ball to Wosz. This one deposited El Hannach in speed on the left side, before beating Franchi with a flat strike of the foot, lodged in the small external net (1-1, 32e). In the end of the first act, Xavi Simons notably lacked precision at the time of the last pass (41e and 45e), while Sidney Raebiger made a saving comeback in front of the Dutchman on a back pass from Gassama.

On the return from the locker room, the debates were balanced until Denis Franchi, after a good exit from a free kick from Smorgol, rebooted perfectly to the foot on Xavi Simons, who controlled just after the center line, before hitting and to slip into the area to Djeidi Gassama. The latter then concluded at close range (2-1, 56e). Then, in rapid transition, Gassama, well launched left lane by Michut, provoked and served Simons in the box, who found Gharbi on the opposite side. David Lelle again replaced his goalkeeper on the line, but this time with the help of his hand… Penalty and red card for Lelle. An essay transformed by Gharbi, into a panenka (3-1, 62e). In numerical superiority, Paris perfectly managed its advantage then. And Nathan Bitumazala ideally launched Simons to the limit of offside. The Dutchman fixed the opposing goalkeeper, then shifted Gassama, who finished by crossing (4-1, 80th). To complete the festival. Next European meeting: November 24, against Manchester City.

Augustin Delaporte

The XI of PSG:

Franchi – Bodiang (cap.), El Hannach, Bitshiabu, Divine – Kari, Zaire-Emery, Michut – Gharbi, Simons, Gassama.



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