PSG booed and jeered at home after first season loss to Metz, sparking doubts about team’s future, reports French media (19:41)

In PSG’s battle, 6 injured players including Nima, Ashuraf, Makun Hess and Saji Oramos were absent, forcing coach Ghadia to take the lead with 17-year-old defender Bishuyab, while the tough task fell behind Metz and Killian McBabe were on the body, but Rennes strikers Togo Igambi and Kali Muendo scored in the 45th and 48th minutes. After winning the first round 1:0, they sent eggs to PSG . Ghadia blamed the lack of a defense for four straight Ligue 1 victories and said: “Will this defeat determine my future? Or. We have no excuses, but there are reasons.”

After PSG was eliminated by Bayern Munich in the last 16 of the Europa League in the middle of last month, fans began to anger Metz, who had signed a two-year free contract the summer before last, and PSG fans even booed when his name was announced on the spot before the game. He did not thank the fans with his teammates after the game, but walked into the player channel; as for the midfielder Ma Gaohualati, who had a relationship with Juventus, he also went back to the locker room. He actually performed well this season, scoring 17 goals and handing over 17 assists in Ligue 1 and UEFA.

PSG scored 66 points in 28 games after the game, leading the second place Marseille by 7 points. The latter scored twice with the help of the 34-year-old “Mountain God” Alex Shanqishi, and defeated Reims 2:1 as a guest, and terminated the ninth-ranked team. The team has been unbeaten in 19 Ligue 1 games for more than 5 and a half months.


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