PS5 with more details: PS Plus, reverse, VR and transferring gameplay from PS4

Sony has just confirmed that 99% of PlayStation 4 games run on PlayStation 5, which we could have informed about a few hours earlier – the company has updated the backwards compatibility page and we got to know a lot of details about the PS5.

Now, however, we can add a few details. If you choose PS5 Digital Edition, you will only be able to play backwards compatible items from digital distribution (items purchased from PlayStation Store). However, when you choose the standard PS5, you will get the option of using discs from PlayStation 4, you will be able to buy items from PSN, and interestingly – in the PlayStation 5 menu, let’s see the library of items from PS4. However, players must remember to constantly update the PS5 to be able to benefit from backward compatibility as usual.

“When you log in to the PS5 with your PlayStation Network account, you will automatically see your PS4 content library in the menu.”

PS4 games will perform better on PS5

Sony also confirms an important detail: “PlayStation 4 games are better on PlayStation 5.” The Japanese emphasize that selected titles will benefit from the fast loading function, as well as Game Boost. The special technology will ensure the items run faster on the PS5. Some games can get major improvements – will 4K + 60 fps?

“For some titles with an unlocked refresh rate or dynamic resolutions up to 4K, you may see better visuals. Additionally, PS4 games will also benefit from some of the new PS5 menu features, but more on that later. “

Sony also confirms that the items from PlayStation VR (PS4) will work on PlayStation 5, and it is also worth emphasizing: PS Plus (PS4) and PS Now games will work on PS5, so customers, for example, PlayStation Plus from the start will have access to a wide catalog. Players will also use the PS4 remote play feature on PS5 – in this case, we don’t need to take up space on the PlayStation 5 drive, but this option will not allow you to use Game Boost.

PS5 and transferring gameplay from PS4

Sony also provided details on how to transfer content between systems. Digital games, game save and production data can be transferred between PS4 and PS5 via LAN cable or wirelessly (WiFi). Players can also use an external USB memory to transfer data. If you have PS Plus, we can send the content to the cloud – as we have done so far.

Now, however, an important detail: transferring a save game between PS4 and PS5 depends on the manufacturer:

“Please note that the possibility of transferring a game save between the PS4 version and the PS5 version of the same production is the manufacturer’s decision and in the case of cross-generation items, it will vary depending on the title.”

I have the impression that The creators of Maneater, among others, will not agree with this provisionwho reported that there are two versions of the game in the Sony system and therefore developers cannot transfer data between platforms.

Sony adds that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will provide a quick jump from PS4 to PS5, but Sackboy: A Big Adventure will get this feature after launch.

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