PS5 UPDATE: firmware 20.02-02.30 is available, with a first patch for the DualSense controller!

While the PlayStation 5 was released less than a month ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to regularly update its console to correct the few issues raised by the community. This is still the case this week with the arrival of version 20.02-02.30 of the system software.

It weighs as usual 868 MB, and the changelog is as basic as for both previous patches :

This system software update improves console performance.

However, there is a small subtlety compared to the previous updates. This time, a message asks us to connect the DualSense to validate the installation and the application of the new firmware. We knew that YOU had planned to make the system software of the PS5 controller modifiable, as is already the case for wireless controllers Xbox, and is already using this technical possibility to pass the accessory of its version 0204 to its version 0210. Of course, that also doesn’t tell us what really changed this firmware 20.02-02.30…

The DualSense is currently offered at € 69.95 on

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