PS5 PRO already in planning? New Sony patent may unveil

Can I get a Sony PS5 PRO console? A patent could point this out.

It may feel a bit early, future versions for that PS5 or for Sony PlayStation consoles beyond that to consider. After all, most potential players don’t even have to switch between fully digital ones PlayStation 5 or the Disc-Version-PS5 decided. A new Patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment in the United States, however, implies that the company is already looking forward to the future. The Patent describes a “scalable game console” with a unique hardware architecture that questions a lot whether Sony already on one PS5 PRO is working.

In the Sony’s Patent Hardware described for scalable game consoles is in a remarkable way. The hardware is designed for a “multi-GPU” arrangement. The multiple GPUs would be tasked with individual rendering tasks that could be multiplexed together for output. The basic idea was that two GPUs could work together not only to achieve better performance that a single chip could not offer, but also not to need a single more powerful (and more expensive) chip.

The Patent goes even further and recognizes alternative architectures where separate GPUs are linked to separate CPUs. The idea is that both additive processes can be used in different ways to improve performance, since this is best for the hardware.

The PS5 isn’t even on the market yet, but a patent may have already confirmed the PS5 PRO.

PS5 PRO quasi confirmed?

The overall goal of the scalable game console from Sony is that different consoles with relatively similar architecture can be offered, but that offer dramatically different levels of performance. For example, a single GPU console like that PS5 be the lower end of the line, while a console with multiple GPUs could offer top performance. So is one PS5 PRO Because of this Patent possible.

For example, the PlayStation 5which will be released later this year will be considered the base model. In a few years’ time Sony then one PS5 PRO model bring out a very similar hardware as the upcoming one Sony console used, with only two of the same GPU working coordinated. Sony wouldn’t have to invest in a completely new chip, but would still have a new console with an impressive leap in hardware performance.

Obviously, such speculations about one PS5 PRO or a future PlayStation console pure speculation. Sony may not have the intentions in this Patent to use in future hardware. Still, it’s an interesting patent that will definitely shed light on future PlayStation plans Sony could bring. But there are other opinions that say that the tech company is from Japan will switch to PS6 right away.

The PS5 May be released on November 20, 2020 cost between 349 and 499 euros. Lately, some have been Patent from Sony examined more closely, after all, we are facing the next generation of consoles. Maybe we’ll find out in one new “State of Play” show this month. A new function should already be leaked now.

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