PS5 is expected to outperform the Xbox Series X. DFC Intelligence is predicting dominance

DFC Intelligence has released a new report that the Xbox Series X will initially perform better than the PS5, but things will change very quickly. In the following years, PlayStation 5 is to achieve “much better results” than the Microsoft console.

In March, DFC Intelligence announced very good analyzes for Sony. According to specialists, PS5 should be “Best-selling console”, and two months ago company representatives mentioned again about the advantage of Japanese equipment.

Now analysts have presented a new report in which they emphasize that although the Xbox Series X will have a better start than the PlayStation 5, in the coming years the PS5 is to achieve about twice as much results as the next-gen Xbox. This situation is expected to be at least until 2024.

“It has become clear in recent months that Sony and Microsoft are pursuing two very different strategies in the gaming industry. The likely result is that the upcoming PlayStation 5 should be way ahead of the Xbox Series X. However, Microsoft may have a long-term, winning plan.

The latest DFC Intelligence game console forecasts predict PlayStation 5 will overtake the Xbox Series X 2 to 1. The PS5 will likely be the third platform to reach 100 million units sold. “

DFC Intelligence emphasizes that although Microsoft tries to do its best, “consumers definitely prefer the PlayStation brand”. These are only forecasts, but one must agree with on the new generation we will see two different strategies of fighting for customers.


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