PS5 day one online is proof that stores need to do better

Emanuele Cisotti

Today it was one endless day for all those who have tried to buy a PS5 in the only way possible, i.e. online. Almost all the stores that manage IT have had the console on their list, at least for a few seconds next gen most desired of the moment, but there is not a single case in which the situation seems to have worked properly.

The only store that withstood the load of users was Amazon, which he put up for sale in small quantities PS5 around 14:40 and a few minutes later in the version digital. Within about 2 minutes, the consoles disappeared and have not reappeared since. However, the information has been fragmented and the company has never confirmed a precise launch time or precise numbers for availability, as well as if and when it will be available again soon.

All the other stores around have done worse. Trony seems to have sold a few early in the morning, Unieuro in fits and starts to put some availability online throughout the day, but with absolutely unstable results regarding the ability to browse the site and actually buy the console. Euronics has at a certain point of the day seemed to have closed access to the portal (in addition to having canceled some orders) and MediaWorld has put users in a virtual row, only to find themselves in front of an error page at the end. MediaWorld however, at the last minute, it set up an email sending system: the first to send it will receive a coupon to purchase it in the next few days.

Listen to “What a mess PS5!” on Spreaker.

Finally after a few fluctuating moments Monclick made some pieces available during the late afternoon and evening. In all this, it is the users who lose out, who have updated the pages of the websites throughout the day, helping to make them impossible to navigate, without a clear information of how many pieces were available and without the certainty of completing the purchase. , considering the instability of the servers which also led to paid but not yet confirmed purchases.

The pandemic has certainly accelerated the need to buy any goods online, but this situation we are describing is not new: it happened recently with the celebrations of 11.11 and also on other occasions, already last year. Companies should work better on scaling the power of their sites, but above all improve on transparency. If I go to a physical store, the clerk will almost always be able to tell me if he will have more stocks for the day or not and when to return, in the same way companies should be clearer when it comes to products so sought after. We must not get used to the idea that online has always been like this and therefore it must always be like this. And the Black Friday it has to come yet. Should we prepare for the worst?

How many of you have managed to grab one PS5 and from which store?

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