PS5 Becomes Rare, Sony Promises More Stock


PlayStation 5 has become a rarity and has been sold out everywhere since Sony launched earlier this month. But Sony promised to stock more PS5s before the end of this year.

“We want to thank gamers everywhere for making the launch of the PS5 our biggest console launch,” Sony said via the PlayStation Twitter account, as quoted detikINET from The Verge, Thursday (26/11/2020).

“Demand for PS5 was never expected before, so we wanted to make sure that more PS5 inventory would arrive at retailers before the end of the year – please keep in touch with your local retailers,” he continued.

Sony did not specify how many PS5s were sold, so it is not known what they mean by ‘biggest launch’. The Japanese tech giant also did not explain how much stock the retailer will receive before 2020 ends.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently said the PS5 was sold out and that the available stock would be limited indefinitely.

Because of sales PS5 which is only opened online, gamers also have to compete with brokers who use bots to buy up PS5 so that it can be sold again at a higher price.

Not only can this bot make purchases faster because it can bypass queues and waiting times, it also monitors retail sites that restock the PS5. As was the case with a group of brokers in the UK who bought up nearly 3,500 PS5 units.

Limited availability PS5 also possibly because this new generation console is difficult to produce. But Sony has never made clear how many units they are preparing to launch before 2021.

Sony is not the only console manufacturer struggling to keep up with the demand for new-generation consoles. Microsoft, which recently launched the Xbox Series X and S, says the two consoles will be out of stock until next spring.

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