PS4 with big problems after firmware 9.00. Players warn: do not install updates

Gamers confirm huge problems with update 9.00 for PlayStation 4. Early adopters warn against installing the latest firmware, as users have experienced various inconveniences with PS4 operation.

Sony took care of the big PlayStation 5 update today and has prepared new features for PlayStation 4 ownersbut at least the second patch should undergo additional testing as there are already a lot of complaints from players that the PS4 is not working properly after installing the firmware.

You can find many opinions on the Web from PlayStation customers who are unable to connect to the PlayStation Store, are unable to log into Sony’s servers, or the menu navigation is slow.

The situation is so strange that the error does not apply to all PS4 owners. We can assume that the inconvenience is only present in some versions of PlayStation 4 – however, there is no shortage of opinions about not installing the firmware until a new version is released.

Have you had the opportunity to download the files? Have you encountered bugs? As you know, Sony faces similar problems from time to time, but usually the next day a hotfix is ​​published, which eliminates all errors.

PS4 - problemy po firmware 9.00 - 2

PS4 - problemy po firmware 9.00 - 3

PS4 - problemy po firmware 9.00 - 4



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